About Premium Life

Our personal development process transits into physical practice through two integrated business models – Online Personal Branding and Network Marketing.

Personal Growth

Premium Life is for those who are eager to improve self-awareness, skills and social status.

Online Network Marketing

It's a worldwide business allowing a busy person to start a part-time business to supplement their finances.

Why are we unhappy?

We live in a world that is beautiful beyond description, yet most of us only experience it occasionally. If you are angry about life’s circumstances, insecure and feel unworthy, then you are in a state of depression.

From discouragement to contentment

People are also discouraged. They tried to accomplish their goals and have failed too many times. The gap can be fulfilled through a consistent daily routine, that will allow you to feel contentment and become hopeful.

Accomplish the state of empowerment

It is only when you have the belief and confidence that, you can operate productively and express optimism. Your goal should be to work toward the idea of accomplishing the state of joy and appreciation.

About our programs

5-step success formula: To succeed in any situation in life you need to master the universal success principles, have a clear vision and sufficient personality to influence other people, with whom you need to exchange the value, and finally, become an expert or leader of your own life and many others.


Master success principles

The belief system that you possess dictates the patterns you live by. When you adopt the right constructive thinking, you can gain influence over your life and align yourself with nature.

Success Program

Daily Minute Video Recordings


Define your purpose and vision

The decision is yours, all of us have an ability to define our dreams and create a way to achieve them. There is something great in each of us, it is very unique, it is your purpose.

Purpose Program

Live Video Show with Q/A


Develop your personality

You will need to start becoming the person worthy of achieving your vision. The personal growth will impact your relationships that are crucial to your success.

Personality Program

Weekly Live Coaching


Co-operation and networking

You can only achieve your desired outcome if you patiently collaborate with others and help them get what they want. Sooner or later, you will transform yourself into an expert.

Masterminding Program

Fortnightly Mastermind Live Class


Become a leader

This is the stage where you will be able to compound and reap what you sow. It takes failing forward to experience the difficulties that build your unstoppable character.

Leadership Program

Fortnightly Leadership Live Class

Our Leaders

You are a leader when you inspire others to do and become more

Primoz Lazar

Founder, Owner