Program Activation

Congratulations on a commitment to the program!

Complete Program

COMPLETE PROGRAM is a combination of both Influencer program and Business program. With being a part of both program you will be given a norm of being more organized, have a stronger business foundation, gain more clarity to grow your sales and serve more and better clients.

With joining the program you will receive:

  • Ideal Online Business Program Curriculum
  • Business Growth Program Curriculum
  • 4x 1.5-hour Business Strategy Calls to complete the programs’ curriculums with a consultant
  • 2x a month 30-min Accountability Calls
  • Weekly Group Masterminding ‘Business Growth’ Accountability Meetings
  • Weekly Group Masterminding ’Online Marketing Growth’ Accountability Meetings

Get all inclusions from above (including four 1.5-hour consultation sessions in the first month).

Get monthly inclusions as a weekly masterminding group and monthly accountability partner.

Are you new here?

Before you leave the site because you don’t know enough about the offer or the program, you can simply book in a compulsory Discovery Call Session with one of Premium Life representatives. Our programs start from $50 a month onwards. With proceeding, you admit that you are able to make that investment.