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Are YOu a business owner or entrepreneur and would like to Become an online influencer, brand your business online, expand your network and have a digital marketing system to attract ideal clients to you?

We at Premium Life have a solution for you. Our Influencer Program provides you with a proven curriculum course to build your online digital marketing system. You also become part of a mastermind group and gain the support of like-minded people from the online business industry and get 1-on-1 accountability partner so you can grow your business online.

Influencer Program Is An online business program curriculum and weekly masterminding Group supported with 1-on-1 accountability partnership

With becoming a member of Premium Life's Influencer Program you will get an access to the program's curriculum, group mastermind, 1-on-1 accountability partner and all the Incentives that come with the program.

INFLUENCER PROGRAM gives you access to an Ideal Online Business program-curriculum which are step-by-step tasks: how to build your online system, grow your brand and on auto pilot generate more leads to convert into sales. You also become part of one of our Online Business Masterminding Groups so you can increase your online branding skills.

With joining you will receive:

  • Ideal Online Business Program Curriculum
  • 4x 30-min Strategy Calls to complete the program curriculum with a consultant
  • 1x a month 30-min Accountability Call
  • Weekly Group Masterminding ’Online Marketing Growth’ Accountability Meetings
  • WhatsApp text support access

How does the Ideal online business program-Curriculum look like?

The experience will help you to clarify your online business vision, position your brand with a great design, package and price your existing and new products, build a great online conversion system, build your list and produce great content with call to action. The system will help you increase the value of your local business and sell more.

Business Message

Clear message

Product value ladder

Design the products

Record the products

Online Brand


Brand story

Brand media content

 Social media channels

Online conversion System


Landing page system

E-mail Marketing

Opt-in forms

 Social marketing

Frequency of posting

Brainstorm the topics

Content delivery system

Schedule the content

What will happen next?

With registering with the Influencer Program you will become part of a group mastermind and you will be assigned with an accountability partner who is going to lead you through the program-curriculum and with that you will up-level your online business.

Ideal Online Business Program-Curriculum

Weekly group Masterminding meetings

1-on-1 accountability partnership

Why To Begin Now!?

Influencer program is a very cost-effective solution for you to be a part of a group of like-minded people who all work on one similar goal - growing their online businesses and reaching bigger audiences to potentially sell to. With you becoming a member of Premium Life's Influencer program you will get an extra boost that you need to start hitting your goals and life targets. Immediately after the registration you will be accepted by one of our accountability leaders and you will be provided with exact steps and directions of how to up-level your online business game.

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