Our Story



I decided that I share with you the Premium Life story through my personal story. Looking into it will deliver you an insight into another personal story that has evolved into something greater.

The journey that I have gone through was not easy, especially as I not-knowingly left the outlined “God’s” path, numerous times. The discovery of the life truth through the hard experiences helped me to turn my life toward greatness and I packaged it all into my favourite business model – Premium Life.


Primoz Lazar

Chapter 1 – My upbringing

Let’s look back, where it all started. I had an above-average childhood. I had a lovely family that took care of me and raised me in a secure and positive environment. Our mom gave us the necessary motherly love. My dad taught me the practice of being detailed and precise. He also got me into filmmaking.


As a young boy, I shot many unreasonable videos. In primary school, I was one of the best students. But in high school, I lost interest for learning specific knowledge. I have always loved sports and joking around with my friends both outside of school and during school. There was no better way to spend boring hours of wasted time, at least I thought so.


My grades were low but acceptable. But I had those dreams, to become a successful filmmaking director. Those were my first big dreams! I lost them and found another ones. These were dreams to open and own a business. It would offer me more freedom and joy.


Freedom and the enjoyment of life were more important to me than learning the education in school. Unfortunately, being average just didn’t fulfill me, so I started floating away from the outlined life path.


I was very low key and skipped lots of classes and spent long hours at night with friends. I barely made it through third grade. I wasn’t as bad child as it sounds like, but I just hadn’t given any focus to school. My ass was saved only because I was smart.


My success story began when I finally decided to do things by my own will and take the easier path to happiness, enjoyment and freedom. Two months before graduation, I decided to drop out of school. It was at the time of the final important exams. I disappointed my family. But I had my business dreams. I also received a subsidy from the government to start my own photography business.


Young and inexperienced, I spent all the money for pleasure and never made any sales. I failed 100 times. I just didn’t do anything in the right way. I also moved out of my family’s home and tried to live on my own. My habit of spending got worse. I lost all the passion and my world became dark. I lost the vision, had no purpose, and no money. I lost all the family support and started living on the edge of the world. There was no solution for me!




Chapter 2 – A turning point


When I literally found myself at the lowest point that a human being can be at, I actually recognized that what I’ve done is all wrong.


My real world collapsed and I found myself in front of the window of my soul. My body was weak. My consciousness was gone.


And all I had was a little spirit in me that I just couldn’t resist. I saw that little potential, that child in me, the leap of faith that came to me through the highest and almighty.


I found the truth, I was at the bottom of the emotional scale – where the fear exists, depression comes in and the grief overcame myself. The light that I found was the temple of this darkness. It was the light at the end of the tunnel.


With that, I confirmed what I was searching for and I decided to rise again.


Now I knew what not to do. Not one-hundred percent, but at least roughly. I never gave up and I started creating my own world, my own reality and started fighting my past prejudices.


But here is where the hard journey began. It was up to me. I was lonely and alone on the journey from the bottom of the ladder back to the neutral lifestyle where the boredom and contentment is.


When the edge came, I remained patient and believed that the perfect solution would be delivered to me, and the world gave me the job that I could do from home and be very well paid for it.


It took me a year of hard work to recover and return all the debt to the bank and my dad. I still didn’t know what my life’s purpose was, but at least I had a key in my pocket. I knew what is right and what is wrong.


With that said, I came to the opportunity to get after my real purpose and find it in the unknown land. I left my past world and travelled to the outermost country. This is the first world’s country, Australia.




Chapter 3 – New beginning


I needed to build everything from scratch, on my own. In two days, I found a room in a Vietnamese family’s home. After 1 week, I found work in a carwash. The work cleansed me from my biggest sins and past mistakes.


It happened that my dreams came back and introduced themselves to me in a small way. I hadn’t found the treasure yet, but I found a few ideas that led me to it.


I had been growing and fighting, always at the edge financially and emotionally, but I came through. I secured the visa and status to stay for another few years in the unknown land, and I had a goal, to find my purpose!


The next step towards it was a wedding photography job. It started slow but it seized deep. This is where I started learning the success principles. I started becoming happy, people around started loving me, and I became the best in what I do. I started delivering quality services and always exceeding expectations.


I had built a good lifestyle and I felt that the treasure must be close, next door… I needed to go further.


After few years of hard work and personal development, I won! I had done a lot of research. I went through many experiences that had confirmed my personality based on the success fundamentals that turned my life curve for the better.


I learned about developing personally, online business knowledge and business networking. I have always been planning, thinking out of the box, and being positive. So I designed for myself an ideal dream story and a better future.


Through all the process and many edgy miracles, I transformed unbelief to certain faith and understanding of the universal law.


I again started working from home and had time to go deep into the detail of my new dream goals. I supported them with realistic goals and slowly started achieving them.


I was happy, optimistic and almost one-hundred percent confident. I was physically strong, motivated, and efficiently progressing and compounding the positive energy.




Chapter 4 – Designing of a dream Future


I became the best filmmaker and photographer, with that real golden touch. I became a strong leader of people around me, the clients and co-workers. I am proud of myself. I kind of fulfilled a small part of my tiny childhood dreams.


It was all in the air for a long time, but it hit me when my friend said to me that I could help many more good people who are losing their hope with the information and success principles that I have found, especially with my story.


My success story would inspire people and give them a certain purpose in their lives. My dream desire was that I need a service that I can do from anywhere around the world, so that I am location independent. Basically, what that meant was that the product or service could be delivered to my clients through the internet.


I was thinking big and I started developing an online network marketing organisation and a community of members who will be paying monthly membership for personal growth and professional networking programs. I packaged all the energy, knowledge and steps into my first main personal development product – Success Program. It is a daily motivational video, tri weekly video conference show, also a 5 times a week audio podcast and a weekly live coaching call.


So, I built and examined the perfect business model that could bring me an independent lifestyle, and also help a lot of other people who desire and need a similar opportunity. The company that I founded was Premium Life.


All the members of the Premium Life online network marketing business have a possibility to promote the program to other people and with new members joining the network, they get paid monthly commissions of the programs’s memberships in exchange for their one-time effort of introducing new members to the membership, continuously.

Chapter 5 – My success formula

Premium Life’s business model is based on a 4-step success formula. Through my past experience I have discovered the learnings of what would be a personal foundation that is needed to succeed in the game of life.



Everybody has a consciousness that needs to operate by certain principles, so you can grow, that your life is progressing, that people love you, that you have the ability to compound the wealth (spiritual, financial, emotional, social, physical, mental fulfilment) and that you have a great foundation for further progression.


Understanding of these and similar principles or laws is the first step toward a successful life and searching of your purpose. Here are few of these success principles:


God made you a masterpiece.


The decisions you make reflect your life in every way.


Through hard work and a faith, you can live your dreams.


Develop your personality to effectively influence other people.


To become a man of success, become a man of value.


Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.


Examine your plan and define the strategy to achieve your goals.


Success in life cannot be attained except through cooperative effort.


A great leader understands how to become a motivating force.


Share from your heart and your story will touch people’s souls.


You are a leader when you inspire others to do and become more.


Success is all about growing others.



When you successfully adopt the energy that surrounds the universal success principles, you will need to upgrade your personality and become a person of value. You need to develop your self-esteem, confidence, patience and learn how to build relationships and take care of people. Your main goal should be the development of the discipline, hard work, efficient execution and deliverance.



After the development of a sufficient personality you should set a goal for yourself that you will move towards. Everybody is unique and holds a higher purpose and if you accomplish it, you will be rewarded with happiness, freedom and joy in your current life.



But you cannot succeed single-handedly. You can only win the game of life with collaboration and teamwork. It is crucial that you develop communication skills, so you can transfer the right information to your partners, co-workers and teammates.



The last step toward achieving your professional success will be to become a leader of your own life and many others. Become a motivating force and inspire people to do more, be more and value more. I have experienced this success formula in many situations.


First of all as a wedding photographer – I needed to be consistent, emotionally strong, confident and very active. I was very clear on all the directions that I was giving to people I was working with, to the couple and to my other teammates and photographers.


I transitioned the learned knowledge into business immediately. When I started working with my first high-end clients and a business coach, I found out all the knowledge and the character that was cooking in me while learning the audio podcasts, YouTube videos and books, coming out to life.


I have been sharp, direct, clear, strategic, precise, informative, educated, communicative, fun, enjoyable to be with, business growth oriented, results driven and so much more.


All this is the consequence of following my 5-step success formula described above: Know the truth, success principles, set goals, define purpose, develop your personality, cooperate with other people and become a leader and a motivating force.




Chapter 6 – Long absence of success


It didn’t help me much that I had a great information if it was lacking of few important details. I didn’t know how to sell it, how to market it, how to convince others that I have a solution on all the problems.


I tried to offer it for all different prices to many people around me. I tried to recruit anybody like my childhood friends, strangers and new friends. Nothing worked. I tried it too fast and the market wouldn’t accept an unproven product and the model.


So, I kept failing again and again. There was no way that anything would work. I was not able to launch my business. There were too many things that couldn’t go right. I ran out of fuel and money, I was tired from 2 years of the development.


Success Program was too intangible, as I have not really experienced huge success yet, so I was unable to sell many memberships to really take off. I couldn’t sustain, so I needed to add something special, something that will be more interactive and people would really find the value in being part of it.


I switched between a few apartments, but I was still continuously working on the development of my business.




Chapter 7 – Continuous development of the business model


I started considering all the other options, building around my personal growth network marketing business model and looking for new products to add to the business model.


One day I purchased a $49 access to the Webinar of a successful guru that I attended online. The product that he sold at the end was the access to a yearly accountability group. It hit me. I could run accountability groups which the members would be part of. They would hold each other accountable, support each other and share with each other the ideas.


So, I brainstormed a little more and looked into my 4-step Success Formula and decided that each of the steps will have its own Program attached to it.


Step 1: The truth (existing SUCCESS PROGRAM)

Step 2: Purpose (later on I created DREAM BUILDING PROGRAM)

Step 3: Co-operation (NETWORKING PROGRAM accountability groups)

Step 4: Leadership (and lastly, I added LEADERSHIP PROGRAM that connects all the leaders of the network)


So, I started thinking the new way, that the main product of the Premium Life will be the Membership access to the masterminding accountability group that is held through a weekly online Zoom conference.


If you want the group to work in a synergy effectively, it shouldn’t exceed 20 members. As you already know that the business model is based on network marketing, I decided to give each individual an opportunity to become a leader. Anybody was able to be a team-builder, but those who would introduce to the network more than 5 people could actually start leading their own accountability group – and Premium Life would pay them for that additional incentive.


Now, the Premium Life’s business model supports having unlimited accountability groups and can scale up enormously.




Chapter 8 – First signs of success


After this discovery I started testing out if the Online Conferences – Accountability Groups would work and if people really want to be part of Support Network. I started reaching out to entrepreneurs, lifestyle coaches, business coaches, consultants and inviting them to have discovery calls with me.


I immediately found out that I have a great skill of connecting to new people and networking. I also found out that I am a great communicator through an online conference. With that I met a few like-minded people who believed in my vision and the first Accountability Group was built!


I also found out that people are not only interested in networking and accountability. But they also like to network with those who are in the same industry of expertise so they can share the knowledge and give their selves more technical advices of how to succeed in their fields of endeavour. I created another great group product – Groups by interests.


Groups by interests are also weekly online conferences, except that they are not general, but they are specifically focused on certain interest, for example: Real estate, Online Business, Business Coaching, Website Development, Becoming Social Influencer, Spirituality and Meditation, Personal Development, the list goes on.

Chapter 9 – Be part of something greater

Premium Life business model has been evolving for many months, the products changed, the processes changed and I changed. But the idea always stayed the same – to connect like-minded people that can help each other toward achieving their dream lifestyles.


Now, the Success program is a free program, as I decided to use it as my promotional tool to get attention and increase my brand awareness.

I am inviting you to become a member of a great system and community that I have developed, so you can easily win your game of life.


I hope that you will achieve the status of consistent fulfillment. I have been looking to achieve it for a long time and I am almost there.


You never come to perfection, but my goal is to be so close to it – this close, that you are not even questioning yourself anymore if you are doing it right.


I want to always do it right, I cannot afford it anymore that anything goes wrong. That is why I committed my life to my online business systems, personal growth and dream building.


I urge you to stay focused and that you amplify your dream within yourself. I hope that you can start living a Premium Life and shorten the gap between reality and the living of the dream lifestyle.


Join the Success Program here and Shape your Destiny to start living your dreams!