Business accountability program

BUSINESS ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM is going to help you to clarify your business vision, get clear with your business model-system, business processes, create an expansion growth plan, master sales, and more.

The program includes:

  • 1-on-1 weekly consultation sessions for 2-months
  • Business growth plan blueprint
  • Individual worksheets for each segment of the blueprint
  • (Optional) Ongoing monthly accountability sessions – $590 membership:
    • 4x 20-min call

Transformational process that we will go through:

  • Analyzing business model and operations
  • Getting clear on a financial picture
  • Setting a goal and creating a business growth plan
  • Analyzing your ideal client and getting clear on who do you serve
  • Analyzing your products and services and optimizing their processes for a systematic deliver
  • Discussing marketing channels and getting clear on an elevator pitch
  • Sales process and practice
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