Design your lifestyle Program

DESIGN YOUR LIFESTYLE PROGRAM is an 8-week program. Provides you with weekly educational module and 1-on-1 consultation session. The program is going to help you to identify your purpose, develop right personality and mindset, set your life goals, set your ultimate achievable goal and break it down into an execution plan, design your daily routine, and it will teach you how to hold yourself accountable.

With joining you will receive:

  • Custom personal growth strategy and plan
  • Access to 8-part Curriculum Course
  • 1-to-1 Consulting Support
  • Worksheets, Blueprints And Pinups
  • WhatsApp Text Support Access
  • Facebook Business Private Group



  • Primoz Lazar’s story
  • Developing sufficient personality
  • Defining your dream and life purpose
  • Setting your ultimate achievable goal
  • Breaking down the plan into execution tasks
  • Daily execution routine
  • Keep enthusiasm up
  • Hold yourself accountable