Get a predictable flow of clients

GET A PREDICTABLE FLOW OF CLIENTS practical program gives you access to 5-part (5-day quick launch) curriculum to get your first new high-ticket paying client organically in 10-days or less and then repeatedly 1 per week! It also comes with daily group accountability meetings, which is a mastermind group of people who are all taking action at the same time to keep executing on daily lead generation activities.

With joining you will receive:

  • 5-day quick launch curriculum to get you educated on the growth process
  • Daily group mastermind accountability meetings, 2-months (then $199 per month if you want to continue)
  • Engagement support group to keep boosting the engagement of your organic posts
  • Weekly sales role-play
  • (Optional) 1-on-1 business consulting
  • (Optional) Done for you lead generation
  • (Optional) Done for you discovery sales calls
  • Worksheets, Blueprints And Pinups
  • WhatsApp Group Text Support Access
  • Facebook Business Private Group

Who is it for?

  • You want to enhance your business foundation and prepare it for scaling!
  • Eager like-minded entrepreneurs who don’t have a predictable organic lead generation process in place
  • You want to generate 2-5 calls daily and close minimum 1 high-ticket sale a week
  • You want others to support your post engagement
  • You want to practice Messenger conversation role-play
  • You want to practice Live sales call role-play
  • You want to keep upgrading your organic lead generation strategies and knowledge
  • You want to be part of a group that holds you accountable on daily basis, so you do your daily lead generation activites
  • You want to exchange your services with other group members (as support to each other, or let them become your client)
  • Shortly, you don’t want to be alone, but you want to be part of something bigger 🙂
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Part 1 – Fundamentals:

  • Ultimate lead generation process
  • Ultimate achievable goal
  • Understand the weekly math
  • Calculate your way to success
  • Ultimate transformation
  • Ideal client
  • Big promise statement
  • Creating Facebook groups list

Part 2 – First actions:

  • Building an online brand
  • Your personal profile
  • Strategies to get in contact with new people
  • Content categories
  • Creating content
  • Your first piece of content
  • Daily repeatable execution tasks
  • Daily routine break down
  • Add 20-40 new friends from Facebook member list

Part 3 – Reach out and engagement:

  • Setup Calendly and Zoom softwares
  • Understand how to start conversations
  • Get clear on a messaging sequence and process
  • Write messages to all people who accepted your requests
  • Check your notifications and reply to all and engage with them
  • Repeat all daily execution tasks

Part 4 – Getting clear on sales process:

  • Get clear on your irresistible offer
  • Irresistible offer cheatsheet
  • Your program presentation
  • Sales basics
  • Sales process
  • Sales script

Part 5 – Repeatable execution:

  • Keep repeating daily execution tasks

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