Grow an online business

START AN ONLINE BUSINESS is an 8-part practical program that provides you with the foundation to improve and grow your coaching, consulting or servicing online business. It delivers to you the education, tasks to complete, and personal 1:1 accountability, and assistance to get to consistent 1 client per week mark.

With joining you will receive:

  • 8-part Coaching curriculum (takes 3-8 weeks)
    • Design your lifestyle
    • Business model
    • Establishing an online brand
    • Expansion and lead conversion
    • Sales calls
    • Organic attraction marketing
    • Execution and accountability
    • Systemizing your business for freedom
  • 90-day execution plan
  • A4 blueprint to hold your vision and business system together
  • 3-month weekly quick 15-min accountability call
  • 6-month weekly group Q/A accountability
  • 2-3 hour daily routine implementation plan
    • Content creation (Posting 1-time a day, following content schedule)
    • Expanding the network (Adding 10-15 quality friends – FB, LI, IG individually – make sure to comment before adding)
    • Driving Messenger conversations (Intro messages and continuing conversations)
    • Participating in other groups
    • Engaging on your own feed
  • Worksheets, Blueprints, and Pinups
  • Facebook Business Private Group
  • (Optional) Done for you lead generation

Who is it for?

  • You want to grow your online business more predictably
  • You want to get 1 high paying client a week
  • You want to achieve freedom and be location independent