Premium Life Classes


By joining the mastermind group you will be able to access our Free Weekly Live Classes where you are going to learn how to:

⭐ Create your higher-valued signature course/coaching program

⭐ Content creation and copywriting for client attraction and lead generation

⭐ Sales conversion to effortlessly enroll higher-paying clients into your program

⭐ And, execute a 1-month course launch plan to enroll a group of clients into your program in one shot!

This group and live workshops serve us as a Mastermind of like-minded coaches, course creators, and online entrepreneurs who support each other and grow together.

You are invited to participate, ask questions, and attend live workshops so we can all have a great growth experience.

Thanks again for coming around, and can’t wait to interact with you and get your course/signature coaching program into more people’s hands! 😊

Primoz Lazar, online launch coach

Team Premium Life


  • Learn the fundamentals of online coaching business growth


  • Weekly live classes
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