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  • Premium life Warrior lives on the top of the hill overseeing a very rich kingdom of Premium Life. A kingdom rich in knowledge, opportunity, and high energy! The locals also see it as a perfect place where you can: “Run a full-time online business and live a lifestyle by your own design – as a coach, course creator or any other online entrepreneur”. Are you ready for an adventure?

Primoz Lazar’s Book Preface: 

Hey, it’s Primoz Lazar here.

I am so happy to have you here and that I am able to share with you the story about a Premium Life Warrior.

I am an online business and course launch coach, and I decided to write this book to paint a picture of how you can start, or exponentially grow your online business as a coach, expert, or course creator.

I have been an online coach for 3 years now (it’s 2022 at the time of writing this book), and on my journey to becoming a full-time online entrepreneur, I have learned a lot.

Prior to launching my online coaching business, I have experienced a variety of local jobs and business opportunities.

From being a professional wedding photographer and filmmaker to content creator for local business owners, building websites, doing digital marketing services for them, and also sales and business consulting.

Going through a 10-year life transformational experience I have mostly been a “freelancer” without a stable job, so I always relied on my ‘biz projects’ to pay the bills.

(To learn about my life story in-depth, visit the last pages of this book.)

I was always at the edge of the “life game”! I never knew what was around the corner and how I am going to make it.

But I kept holding to my vision, nurturing my belief, and paving my path toward the “promised land” that I constantly desired to reach.

To have financial control over my life, have sorted all other aspects of it, and have freedom to keep “creating”.

Trying all different business models, one day I came across the online coaching industry.

Discovering this “new-age” online opportunity was the biggest gift that life provided me with at that time.

It would allow me to utilize my skills/expertise and use those as my own ‘product’ (coaching package) through which I will serve others and be paid for it.

I could do the work from anywhere, be location independent, and serve clients internationally all around the world.

I would be able to exponentially grow my business, the world market is huge – the sky is the limit.

The complete idea allowed me to see a bright future vision, and re-align with my purpose.

But starting as an online coach I had to go through a lot of ups and downs.

It took me 3-years of studies and trial and error to make my way, achieve some successes, and figure out how the online coaching industry works.

And so, I have developed the ultimate online coaching business growth formula, through which you achieve long-term sustainability and quick short-term sales and income.

This book includes “The Key Formula” through which I was able to create my own product (online course/program), start selling it and earning a full-time online income.

Following the methods that I teach in this book, I have built my own full-time online coaching business, got ahead in life, and started living a lifestyle by my own design – a Premium Life.




Book outline/contents:


Dream vision

  • The dream
  • Ultimate goal
  • Execution plan


  • Best-self (driver)
  • Success principles (driving rules)
  • Enthusiasm (fuel)

Business model (engine)

  • Offer
  • Marketing
  • Sales and client fulfilment

Signature program

  • Value identification
  • Course creation
  • Higher-valued offer

Attraction marketing

  • Online real estate
  • Content piece creation
  • Call to actions

Sales conversion

  • Audience expansion
  • Sales conversion
  • Flywheel execution method

Passive conversion system

Group course launch

  • Launch plan
  • Product line
  • Setup the system

30-day sales activities

  • Filling the group
  • Selling the tickets
  • Running a challenge

Run a business

  • 30-day sales system execution
  • Teamwork and systematization
  • Paid advertising



  • Premium life starter
  • Premium life accelerator
  • Premium life launchpad

Primoz lazar’s story

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