Start an online business – Payment options

START AN ONLINE BUSINESS is a 12-part practical program that provides you with the foundation to start your own coaching, consulting or servicing online business. It delivers to you the education, tasks to complete and personal 1:1 assistance to get your online business up and running. Going through the program you set up your online business vehicle that will bring you long term results in form of new clients that pay premium price for your services.

With joining you will receive:

  • Design your ideal lifestyle
  • Custom business strategy and execution plan
  • 12-part program curriculum
  • Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Regular short quick-calls for accountability
  • The recording of each coaching/consultation session
  • Group mastermind conferences with Q/A
  • Worksheets, Blueprints, and Pinups
  • WhatsApp Text Support Access
  • Facebook Business Private Group
  • (Optional) Done for you lead generation

Who is it for?

  • You want to start your own online business
  • You want to be location independent
  • You want to utilize your skills, strengths to help others
  • You want to have a predictable online income
  • Shortly, you want to live your ideal lifestyle and have the freedom to enjoy it!
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Part 1 – Fundamentals:

  • Primoz Lazar’s story
  • The most optimal growth system
  • Developing sufficient personality
  • Defining your dream and life purpose
  • Setting your ultimate achievable goal

Part 2 – Your gifts and niche:

  • Your strengths
  • Choosing your niche
  • Crafting an irresistible offer

Part 3 – Lead generation process:

  • Organic lead generation fundamentals
  • Online brand foundation
  • Reaching out and engagement

Part 4 – Organic marketing

  • Content management
  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Choosing the topics and creating the schedule

Part 5 – Sales process:

  • Niche-Offer 2.0
  • Sales basics
  • Sales calls
  • Creating a contract

Part 6 – Working with clients

  • Customer management
  • Fundamentals of coaching
  • Delivering the transformation

Part 7 – Hybrid program delivery

  • Introduction to the Hybrid model
  • Niche-Offer 3.0
  • Crafting the final outline of the program

Part 8 – Creating the final program

  • Creating the slides and worksheets
  • Recording the program
  • Launching the program

Part 9 – Online workspace

  • Project management software
  • Customer relationship management
  • Content organization
  • Google chrome quick access

Part 10 – Prioritizing your work

  • Task management
  • Income-producing activities

Part 11 – Hiring a virtual team

  • Outsourcing low key work
  • Creating processes
  • Hiring the right people

Part 12 – What is next

  • Scaling your business on autopilot
  • Paid advertising