Ultimate business growth course

ULTIMATE BUSINESS GROWTH PROGRAM gives you access to an advanced business growth curriculum which are step by step tasks to: sharpen your mindset, build a strong business foundation, create a high-value transformational program/course, generate leads online, increase sales, prepare a growth plan (networking and engagement, content creation, daily routine tasks) to execute it on daily basis.

With joining you will receive:

  • 6-part Curriculum Course
  • Worksheets, Blueprints And Pinups
  • WhatsApp Group Text Support Access
  • Facebook Business Private Group



Part 1 – Going stable:

    • Primoz Lazar’s story
    • The most optimal growth system
    • Business operations
    • Developing sufficient personality
    • Defining your dream and life purpose
    • Setting your ultimate achievable goal

Part 2 – Going deep:

    • The transformation that you deliver
    • Business model, brand and vision
    • Crafting an irresistible offer
    • Program outline and transformation delivery process
    • Creating program course
    • Financial planning

Part 3 – Going sharp:

    • Lead generation and sales process online
    • Organic online lead generation system
    • Organic content attraction marketing
    • Sales basics
    • Sales calls

Part 4 – Going live:

    • Breaking down the plan into execution tasks
    • Daily execution routine
    • Planning your launch
    • Hold yourself accountable
    • Full system overview

Part 5 – Going automated:

    • Recording program course and creating webinar training
    • Building a website member portal
    • Advanced organic lead generation system
    • E-mail marketing system
    • A sales call booking funnel
    • Paid lead generation

Part 6 – Going leadership:

    • Building a virtual team
    • Running a masterminding group
    • Leading your organization
    • Premium Life master leadership