Ultimate business growth course

Going through the 5-week business growth curriculum will help you to scale your business and move forward toward your personal and business goals:

  • ​Week 1 – Defining your vision
  • Week 2 – Vehicle to take you there
  • Week 3 – The sales system
  • Week 4 – Execution
  • Week 5 – Online system


What will you learn and set up:

  • Clarify your life vision
  • Develop the right success mindset to navigate your life and business
  • Develop emotional empowerment
  • Financial literacy for your business
  • Your niche feedback and problem research
  • Form the right products and services that the market needs
  • Marketing plan to reach your potential clients
  • Systematic sales process in place
  • Master sales process
  • Systematic business operations to run your business and deliver your services
  • Cold phone sales
  • Warm lead sales – 10 min phone call
  • CRM – Customer relationships management software
  • Networking online to generate appointments manually
  • Clear brand message
  • A presentational website (blog or store)
  • E-mail marketing and database list
  • Opt-in, phone contact or product landing page
  • Calendly appointment scheduler
  • Linktree of your CTA’s
  • Facebook paid lead generation campaign and traffic campaign
  • Google AdWords for traffic on your website (bonus)
  • Polished social media profiles to be presentable
  • Content topics
  • Multi-purpose the content
  • How to organize your computer to manage the content
  • Schedule the content
  • 3 questions to ask yourself before posting on socials
  • Daily engagement activities to be done


Bonus – Start your own consulting business and create your own program:

  • Getting clear with your message and solution
  • The most optimal program structure and your offer
  • Mapping out your program course
  • Selling the program before and while recording it
  • Outreach and generating sales calls
  • CRM, Discovery calls and Strategy sessions
  • Creating the course
  • Create a website platform for your online program
  • Online community and onboarding the client