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How to build and scale A PROFITABLE business to fulfil your dreams and become financially INDEPENDENT

The program provides proven process of how to reprogram your mind for success, build a strong business foundation, increase sales at will, generate more leads online and align yourself with likeminded people.

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Attention entrepreneurs, consultants, business enthusiasts and experts! If any of these statements relate to you ....


  • you are not clear on what is your ultimate goal
  • you are easily distracted and don't have the right routine in place
  • you don't live by universal success principles
  • you are overthinking and you can't decide and take action
  • you are not personally stable
  • you are not positive all the time, but negative and toxic!?


  • you don't know how to bring in new sales at will but you rely on word of mouth
  • you are desperate to on-board any client just to make money
  • your niche is not tight enough, you don't know clearly what is the problem that you solve and who really has it
  • you master your craft of service but don't know how to run a business
  • you don't have a sales process in place
  • you don't have a system to rely on and comfortably follow the processes, but you are rather stressed and overwhelmed
  • you don't know how to outsource and manage a team
  • you don't value your work enough, so you don't charge high rates
  • you don't know how to manage your finances (or don't know how to increase income)
  • you don't use CRM to manage your customers


  • you don't have a website or it's not up to date
  • your website doesn't convert, generate leads and new inquires
  • your CRM is not connected to E-mail marketing software well
  • you don't have landing pages for your offers
  • you don't build E-mail database list
  • you don't write blog to provide value to your readers
  • you don't run webinars and online conferences
  • you don't have online products
  • you don't have courses that teach instead of you
  • you don't know how to setup paid ads systems


  • you don't communicate well
  • you are not people person
  • you don't have people and leadership skills
  • you don't know how to ask the right questions to identify the problem
  • you don't know how to form strong and great relationships
  • you are not outgoing with purpose
  • you don't present yourself as an authority
  • you don't have a recruitment or networking plan
  • you don't know how to run a discovery call or strategy session to sell


  • you don't have a clear brand message
  • you don't have lead magnets
  • you don't know how to tell your message online 
  • you don't have well polished social media profiles
  • you are not consistent with your social media posting
  • you don't know how to provide value and not be salesy
  • you don't call to action at the end of your posts
  • you don't know how to generate leads through attraction marketing
  • you don't know how to use paid advertising to boost your marketing
  • you don't generate leads online

... then you got to rewire your brain, re-design your business foundation and adopt the system to follow once for all!

educate yourself on a proven step by step SYSTEM to start or scale your business

With becoming a member of Premium Life's Ultimate Growth Business Program you will get an access to the program's curriculum and a business group mastermind of like minded people.

ULTIMATE BUSINESS GROWTH PROGRAM gives you access to an advanced program-curriculum which are step by step tasks: to sharpen your mindset, have a strong business foundation, increase sales, generate leads online. You also become part of our business mastermind group meetings to hold you accountable in order to grow your business.

With joining you will receive:

  • 6-week Curriculum course
  • worksheets and pinups
  • weekly q/a calls
  • 1-year access to all membership programs
  • 12-monthly 1-on-1 consultation sessions
  • Credit for done for you services
  • WhatsApp Group text support access
  • Facebook Business Private Group



No business idea and want to start a business

  • create your own program or use ours to sell
  • learn a consulting business model 
  • build a business from scratch by following step by step system
  • get your first client fast


Have a business idea and want to start a business

  • learn about your niche and the problem
  • develop a great offer that everyone wants
  • master business fundamentals
  • learn sales to get clients at will


Have part time business and want to go full time

  • start acting as a real business
  • increase your business performance and brand awareness
  • increase your sales
  • build an online presence


Already have a business and want to scale it

  • generate leads online with paid and organic methods
  • build a system and processes to follow
  • build a team
  • automate your business

Ultimate BUSINESS GROWTH program COURSE content

Going through the 6-week business growth curriculum will help you to scale your business and move forward toward your personal and business goals. 

​Design your lifestyle

Mindset - Self control (You are able to control yourself first)

Life-purpose (Decide on your life purpose and goals)

Ultimate goal and plan to achieve it (Set Realistic and measurable goal)

Execution (How are you executing your plan)

Enthusiasm (How do you stay empowered during the process)

Accountability (How do you hold yourself accountable)

​Business fundamentals

Having a clear Business vision and a plan

Who is your ideal client and what is the problem that you solve

What is your Irresistible offer that includes the solution to the problem

How will your promote your offer? Marketing channels.

What is your sales process to get more projects

What is your production system and what are your operations to deliver the offer

How to manage finances and have an overview over them

Networking locally and online

Difference between Local Business Services Sales and Online Services Sales

How to generate more sales in your local market

Growing your social network online

Starting conversations and generating discovery calls

PART 1: Running discovery calls

PART 2: Doing strategy sessions/sales calls and signing up clients

​Paid lead generation system

Paid lead generation system explanation

Creating AD Graphics

Writing Facebook Ad copy

Setting up Facebook Lead Ads

Accessing the leads

Warm leads sales

Online conversion system

Online conversion system overview

Build a conversion website

Setup E-mail marketing system

Create landing pages

Advanced use of CRM Hubspot

Setup an up-sell Sales funnel

​​Organic client attraction system

Content creation basics

Content topics

Posting schedule

Writing blog



Create your own consulting program

Getting clear with your
message and solution

The most optimal program
structure and your offer

Mapping out your program course and creating a presentation

Create a website platform for you online program

How to keep selling people into the program while still recording it

Follow the further steps of Ultimate Business Growth Program

Become a Premium Life Business Consultant

Presenting yourself
as a personal brand

Positioning yourself as
a business consultant

Understand the transformational process of your clients

Knowing the value of your solutions and your Premium Life’s products

How are you paid and what is the financial structure

Follow the further steps of Ultimate Business Growth Program

Here's how it works:

To start or scale a business and change your life you need a strong proven foundation that can hold whatever you build on. Ultimate business growth program was designed for those who want to control their own destiny!

What will you learn and set up:

Clarify your life vision
Develop right success mindset to navigate your life and business
Develop emotional empowerment
Financial literacy for your business
Your niche feedback and problem research
Form the right products and services that the market needs
Marketing plan to reach your potential clients
Systematic sales process in place
Master sales process
Systematic business operations to run your business and deliver your services
Cold phone sales
Warm lead sales - 10 min phone call
CRM - Customer relationships management software
Networking online to generate appointments manually
Clear brand message
A presentational website (blog or store)
E-mail marketing and database list
Opt-in, phone contact or product landing page
Calendly appointment scheduler
Linktree of your CTA's
Facebook paid lead generation campaign and traffic campaign
Google AdWords for traffic on your website (bonus)
Polished social media profiles to be presentable
Content topics
Multi purpose the content
How to organize your computer to manage the content
Schedule the content
3 questions to ask yourself before posting on socials
Daily engagement activities to be done

Bonus – Start your own consulting business and create your own program:
Getting clear with your message and solution
The most optimal program structure and your offer
Mapping out your program course
Selling the program before and while recording it
Outreach and generating sales calls
CRM, Discovery calls and Strategy sessions
Creating the course
Create a website platform for your online program
Online community and onboarding the client

What Is It?

Where Does It Happen?

How Does It Work?

When Does It Start?

Why does it exist?

With you becoming a member of Premium Life's Ultimate Business Growth Program you will build a strong business foundation and get an extra boost that you need to start hitting your life and business goals. You will be provided with a proven steps and directions of how to up-level your business game.

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