Content creation for lead generation


  • The goal of content marketing is to “generate leads”, discover and attract people who are interested in your solutions. You will learn how to produce ‘value driven’ and ‘lead generation’ content pieces that drive more “sales conversations”

Deliverables/Course curriculum:

  • The purpose of creating content pieces – Inspire, Educate, Promote
  • Creating/Writing out a list of Content topics
  • RESOURCE: 100 value driven and lead generation content topics (Value, Lead generation, Promotion, Engagement)
  • Weekly content publishing schedule
  • Different content formats
  • Copywriting – Creating each individual content piece
  • Writing/speaking in a clear, simple, and attractive way
  • Types of CTA’s to position at the end of content pieces
  • Creating content pieces:
    • Written posts
    • FB/IG lives
    • Lead generation video reels (4 examples)
    • Lead generation stories (4 examples)
    • Lead generation “Two-Step” posts


  • Video course curriculum
  • Tasks/Worksheets/Templates
  • Private FB Group to ask questions
  • Daily FREE Coaching Classes
  • Optional:
    • Weekly Q/A Group Mastermind
    • 1-1 support