Effortless client conversion


  • You will learn where to find the “new potential clients”, how to get them into your network, so more people can see your content, and also how to have authentic “colder” conversations with potential clients and book calls with them (3% of people are always ready to buy)!

Deliverables/Course curriculum:

  • Fundamentals of audience expansion and different techniques
  • Manual networking fundamentals
  • Discovering the places of your ideal clients
  • Understanding Friend/Connection requesting method (FB, LI)
  • Understanding making interactions with people (TikTok, IG, YT)
  • Posting in other Facebook groups for lead attraction
  • Striking the first conversations
  • Sales basics and understanding the general sales straight line
  • Ways of driving DM/Sales conversations
  • Types of DM/E-mail conversations
  • The fundamentals of having DM conversations
  • DM conversation script
  • Sales fundamentals/sales straight line
  • Sales calls with higher-valued potential clients
  • Preparation for the call – and sales calls basics
  • Sales call agenda
  • Sales call script


  • Video course curriculum
  • Tasks/Worksheets/Templates
  • Private FB Group to ask questions
  • Daily FREE Coaching Classes
  • Optional:
    • Weekly Q/A Group Mastermind
    • 1-1 support