Premium Life Launchpad

The purpose of the “Premium Life Launchpad Program” is to provide you with the framework to create your higher-valued online course/signature program, master online marketing client attraction, and get the first few clients for it, and with time achieve a predictable full-time monthly income.

The following are the deliverables/outcomes that you will “achieve” with completing the program:

  • Signature program – Creating a higher-priced Signature program that delivers a major outcome:
    • Developing expertise on 1 topic – Deliver 1 major outcome
    • Identifying the value (the gap between A-B)
    • Creating a structured transformational course
    • Higher-valued offer/signature program
  • Content attraction – Content attraction mastery to attract potential clients to you:
    • Social presence
    • Content attraction rotation formula (schedule, types, topics)
    • Content creation and copywriting fundamentals
    • Lead generation CTA’s
    • Creating main 5 content pieces and getting copywriting feedback from your coach
  • Sales conversion and execution – Sales conversion mastery to enroll a higher-paying client effortlessly:
    • Manual networking for expansion
    • Mastering DM conversations and sales calls
    • Daily/weekly execution routine and consistency
    • Get the first higher-paying client in 1-month, (2nd, and 3rd one asap afterwards)
    • (Achieve consistency and enroll 1-higher paying client per week, 3-4 per month – full-time online income)
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