Premium Life Ultimatum

Description and outcome:

  • The purpose of the “Premium Life Ultimatum Program” is to help you build a passive online sales conversion system (website, landing pages, sales pages, E-mail marketing), so your potential clients can enroll in your programs passively “on their own”.


  • Create a product ladder (Free Lead magnet, Course, Coaching Mastermind):
    • Free Lead magnets, Masterclass, Course, Coaching Mastermind
    • Video masterclass explaining and teaching your full-transformational method
    • E-mail marketing up-sell sequence
    • Course/Offer explanation video
  • Build a passive sales conversion system:
    • Website blog, YouTube channel – Writing SEO optimized articles, recording YT videos
    • Masterclass landing page system
    • Course/Offer presentation sales page + Application form
  • Pre-lead generation marketing research technique + live classes:
    • Organizing a weekly group live class for website blog/YT channel “market research” purposes
    • 5-step content lead generation process to fill the FREE class
    • Early bird pre and post Live class client enrolment strategy
  • Bonus: Extensive Keyword research for your niche (Google, YT)


  • Video course modules and curriculum
  • 1-1 coaching calls
  • Daily execution accountability group meetings (1h per day)
  • 2x Week VIP group mastermind Q/A calls
  • FB private group community
  • Discord DM or E-mail support
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1-1 Coaching, Group mastermind, Course