Creating a higher-valued course/signature program


  • Creating a transformational course curriculum and a higher-priced Signature program that delivers a major outcome

Deliverables/Course curriculum:

  • Decide on a major outcome that you will be delivering others
  • Identifying the gap that you will be fulfilling when delivering 1 major outcome
    • Desired outcomes
    • Problems, challenges, questions people have
    • Creating the solutions
  • Course structure fundamentals
  • Creating a course curriculum
    • Deciding on 3-5 major steps (Deliverables/Offer stack)
    • Expanding each step into lessons
    • Expanding lessons into topics
  • Create a higher-valued package/offer
    • “Value-stack” of deliverables
    • Course curriculum/structured outline
    • Program inclusions
    • Pricing
  • Creating an offer presentation document