Premium Life Challenge VIP Ticket

Description and outcome:

  • Premium Life Challenge is a 5-day live event, 1-hour daily class, which introduces you to “the mindset” and “a plan” of how to become a highly-paid and sold-out online coach, course creator


  • ⭐ Be a highly paid coach – Develop high-level personal energy and expertise (people buy desired “Emotions”), create a transformational course/program that delivers major outcome, charge high price for your value
  • ⭐ Establish a buying environment, a community that desires to buy from you (FB group, E-mail, Socials), by creating attractive content pieces that “Woows” people
  • ⭐ Make more offers – Get people “raise hand” to work with you, run group classes, speak to many, enroll higher-paying clients effortlessly (it’s their desire to work with you)
  • ⭐ Execute on your “daily marketing/sales work” and achieve consistency with it (do it yourself or build systems/processes for teamwork), so your business runs semi-passively!
  • ⭐ Execute a 1-month course launch plan to enroll a group of clients into your program in one shot! And do it over and over again!


  • 5-day (Mon-Fri) live 1-hour challenge training
  • Q/A sessions – Ask questions and get them answered
  • Mini Individual Coaching Session
  • Workbook
  • Premium Life Challenge Mastermind FB Group


  • General admission: $97
    • 5-day 1-hour training
  • VIP: $297
    • Additional 1-hour Q/A training daily!
    • Guaranteed personalized “mini-coaching session” (in a group environment)
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