‘How-To’ Content Lead Generation Course


  • Learn exactly how to produce 5 main online lead generation content pieces  (Written posts, Reels, Stories, Lives and Two-step posts)!
  • + Receive these Free Resources: A list of 40 content lead generation topics, 18 Lead Generation CTA’s, DM script + Sales script

Course outline:

  • Polish your social profiles
    • Profile photo
    • Cover photo
    • Bio/About you (shares your marketing message)
    • CTA link (Book a call, join FB group, free lead magnet)
    • Valuable content pieces
  • How to access FREE Resources – A list of 40 content lead generation topics, 18 Lead Generation CTA’s, DM script + Sales script
  • Writing/recording 5 lead generation content pieces
    • Creating a leverage content piece – 1 example
    • Creating a lead generation reel – 1 example
    • Creating a lead generation story – 1 example
    • Creating a two-step post – 1 example
    • Going FB/IG live – Example
  • The goal of Organic Marketing is that you Drive DM conversations – Sales calls
    • How to get more potential clients into your Audience to actually see your content pieces
    • And how to welcome them in your network (initiate authentic conversation)
    • Manual networking process:
      • Your potential clients already exist – they follow your competitors or congregate in similar places (FB, LI groups)
      • Visit their profile, and see if they roughly match your ideal client avatar, and if yes you manually deploy any of these manual networking techniques:
      • Send out a friend or connection request (FB and LI), people accept it, they become part of your network
      • You interact with their profile (IG, YT, TikTok, other platforms) – like, comment, and react to stories, (sometimes cold DM is acceptable), so they see the notification and follow you back
      • Interact with them in comments (Forums, Blogs, YT comments, IG comments), and you take the conversation from there – you start a conversation
      • Publish your content piece in FB groups so it attracts people to engage with your content in comments – you start a conversation
      • Sending out the introductory message
  • Booking sales calls via DM’s
    • Lead generation content and manual networking will drive DM conversations
    • 4 step DM conversations through which you book a call
    • 4 step Sales calls
    • RESOURCE: DM script
    • RESOURCE: Sales script
  • The most optimal daily execution routine (Actually do the work)
    • The flywheel execution method is a daily/weekly routine of online marketing client attraction execution activities through which you do the work and actually generate sales results.
    • There exists a minimal 1-hour daily routine
      • 20-minutes for content creation
        • Publish 1 content piece
      • 20-minutes of social interactions
        • 10-20 new authentic friend/connection requests and interactions
      • 20-minutes of DM conversations
        • Send out intro/welcome messages
        • Continue existing conversations and book calls


  • “How-To” Content Lead Generation Course
  • FREE RESOURCES: A list of 40 content lead generation topics, 18 Lead Generation CTA’s, DM script + Sales script
  • Become part of a daily Execution Accountability Group Mastermind
    • We meet 1 hour per day
    • And we execute those 3 things together, each for 20-min (New connections, social engagement, and content lead generation improvement + coaching Q/A)


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