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  • Learn and master the fundamentals of content creation and lead generation for your online coaching business
  • Access a FREE Video Course + Daily Coaching Classes in our FB Group Community, where we teach you how to become a highly-paid online coach!

Course outline:

  • Making yourself present and “findable/discoverable”
    • Online presence (social profiles) – Profile funnel
    • What makes you attractive – content creation!
    • Creating valuable content you will build an “audience of potential clients”
  • Content creation for lead generation
    • Creating valuable content pieces (Deposits)
      • Content topics (valuable content topics)
      • Content formats
      • Content creation framework – CTA
    • Content lead generation (Withdrawals)
      • Leverage posts
      • Reels
      • Stories
      • Short posts
  • Manual networking audience expansion
    • Get more potential clients see your “Content”
    • Manually become friends with them (friend requesting/IG interactions)
    • Post in Facebook groups to attract them toward you
  • Converting the audience into sales
    • Content creation will generate “engagement/interaction/reach-outs”
    • DM conversations
    • Sales calls


  • Organic Lead Generation Course
  • FREE RESOURCES: A list of 40 content lead generation topics, 18 Lead Generation CTA’s, DM script + Sales script
  • Daily live coaching classes – Daily 12pm EST live show
  • Premium Life Mastermind FB Group of likeminded people


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